After being confronted by Mike Tindall Matt Hancock backed out in a big way on I'm A Celebrity - Liberty

Sunday, September 17, 2023

After being confronted by Mike Tindall Matt Hancock backed out in a big way on I'm A Celebrity


Mike exchanged crosswords with Hancock. (ITV/Image)

Mike Tindall turned on Matt Hancock after swapping for Sue Cleaver during an exciting moment in I'm in the Celebrity Jungle.

The trio is part of a cohort of 2022 celebrities, including Boy George and Chris Moyles camping out in the Australian jungle.

But tensions have risen between the disgraced politician, whose appearance has sparked widespread backlash, and the former rugby player, who is married to royal family member Zara Tindall.

In Friday's dramatic episode, Coronation star Sue was in the Danny area and found water in a bowl.

When I asked the camp who shaved it, she said, "Empty the bowl," after finding out it was the former health secretary.

he replied: "Was it a great ordeal for you to pour it out?"

Bush Telegraph's Mike said, "You shouldn't say that to Sue... you shouldn't say that to Sue."

Mike and Sue are best buddies in the jungle. (ITV/Image)

The former athlete confronted Hancock and said: "So many trials you couldn't do it."

Hancock said to Sue, trembling. I won't do it again. I'm sorry you had to do that.

Mike added to the Bush Telegraph: "If it was that easy, why didn’t you bl***y do it?"

Hancock apologized to Sue. (ITV/Image)

In the episode, Hancock read a laminate about campmates voting for a new camp leader.

"The new leader's first role is to elect a deputy right away. I'm counting the votes now!

Hancock had previously been in charge of the camp and named Charlene White as his deputy.

Mike is the new leader of the camp. (ITV/Image)

Boy George reflected on the new leadership race in The Bush Telegraph, saying, "Don't let me.

After counting the votes, Hancock announced that Mike would be the new leader, and Owen confessed in the Bush Telegraph:

(Source: Metro)