After 'explosive brawl' and then 'cutting' the apple, Boy George 'threatens to quit' I'm A Celebrity - Liberty

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

After 'explosive brawl' and then 'cutting' the apple, Boy George 'threatens to quit' I'm A Celebrity


Boy George reportedly wanted to travel in a golf buggy. (ITV/Image)

Boy George reportedly threw an almighty strop in the jungle and I'm a celebrity.

The Culture Club singer is part of a cohort of stars in store for Australia in 2022, camping alongside Boy George, Mike Tindall, and Chris Moyles.

However, the Karma Cameron singer is alleged to have nearly thrown in the towel after being unhappy with her golf buggy.

The 61-year-old is believed to have had a meltdown when he was so exhausted following the bushtucker trial that he felt like traveling by car instead of walking.

Sources say that when the crew refused the request, Boy George hurried away and hid behind a tree to prevent the camera team from filming him.

Insiders said he pinched an apple from a shocked staff member as he hid in a leaf.

Taiyo reported that producers had to pull out a stop to let Boy George continue with the Juggernaut series, eventually convincing him to stay.

Boy George is said to have chopped apples from the crew. (ITV/Image)

ITV bosses then held crisis talks over concerns that Boy George might later make a U-turn on his decision to stay in Australia, the publication reports.

An insider told The Sun:
"Then he broke into one of the production crew's tents, grabbed an apple, and hid behind a tree to avoid being captured by the show's cameras.

Boy George had a tough time in the Bushtucker trial. (ITV/Image)

"It was a natural tantrum, but George didn't back down.

"He was threatening to leave the show. At that moment, he probably did."

They continue: Luckily, one of the producers was able to retrieve him, sit him in a tent, and convince him not to leave.

Boy George was reportedly too tired to walk. (ITV/Image)

"It was a real storm in the teacup. Thankfully he finally realized it and agreed to go back to camp."

So far in The Jungle, Boy George has made no secret about his feelings for the disgraced Health Secretary Hancock, whose decision to join the show has been controversial.

He told Strictly star Sean Walsh: "I can't stand Matt. I tried to like him and I failed. I think he's slimy, I think he is slippery.

(Source: Metro)