Candy Brands has announced that Maya Rudolph will take over as a promotional cartoon character that has been the focal point of the party's opposition. - Liberty

Monday, November 6, 2023

Candy Brands has announced that Maya Rudolph will take over as a promotional cartoon character that has been the focal point of the party's opposition.


Controversy erupted when M&M's changed the character list and the shoes they wear.

Mars Reglie's candy brand, Her M&M's, announced Monday that it is "indefinitely suspending" Spoke Candy.

For decades, the characters in the company's ads didn't focus on abortion or storing classified documents. Still, in recent years they've focused more on people on the political right, including Fox News' Tucker Carson. I have guessed. To tweak our cosmetics line, we called candy "Wake Up M&M's."

Here's how I got here as best I could:

How did Mars Ligley explain this decision?

In her statement on Monday, Mars Wrigley began with the words, "Let's talk in the US," to anyone looking to have a goodbye conversation.

"Last year we made some changes to our beloved spoke candy," the company said, adding, "I'm not sure if anyone noticed."

"We didn't think it would break the Internet," the company said. Few thought there was.

"But now I understand. Even Candy's shoes can be polarizing," the company continued, confusing many who didn't know what the sentence meant.

Polarization "was not what M&M wanted," he said. “Therefore, I have decided to keep Spokes Candy indefinitely.”

It offered an obvious solution: "I am proud to introduce a spokesperson with whom the United States can agree instead: my beloved Maya Rudolph, actress, and 'Saturday Night Live', which is today." We are not at the heart of the culture wars. Rudolf will protect the fun and create a world everyone can feel.

Gabrielwesley, chief executive of Mars Ligley North America, said in a statement that the decision to hire Rudolph as "chief fun and spokesperson" was "for the time being." paddy field. Rudolph said he would appear in an ad campaign that will debut during the broadcast of Super Bowl LVII on February 12.

"M&M's Original Her colorful cast of candies now pursue their passions.

Yes, candy shoes can be polarized.

M&M figure footwear has been found to display the right level of sexiness, and there is some disagreement in the United States about how sexy it is.

In January 2022, M&M's gave her two-woman spokes her candy-painful feet a break, M&M's heels went from flat to flat, and M&M's high heels went brown and got smaller. , has become more comfortable. it is exchanged. I replaced it with a better heel.

For some people, this decision was unfair.

"M&M's aren't happy until every last cartoon character is so compelling and satisfying," Carlson accused him of his program. "Until the moment you don't want to drink with anyone. That's the goal. When it's off, we've achieved fairness. They won."

His Twitter account on M&M has little intention of joining the spat, and in recent months he's been tweeting to wish him a happy holiday. When the Purple M&M was announced in early January, the brand commented, "We respect women all over the country who are trying to change the status quo."