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Sunday, October 8, 2023

New Year dishes that can be easily made at Home


Fried wontons and noodle soup wontons symbolize prosperity in the new year. Linda Shao. Food stylist: Su Lee. Prop stylist: Megan Hedgepath.

The last time my parents, brothers and I traveled to Hong Kong, my father took us to the part of Kowloon where we grew up and witnessed us returning to China from the UK in 1997. I came back with the satisfaction that I wanted to eat at my favorite wonton shop when I was a child.

Despite the uncertainty around us, he saw complete peace...that's the power of wonton soup.

A splash of red vinegar gives the savory shrimp and pork wontons a sour taste, while the noodle soup is naturally sweetened with bok choy. Linda Xiao of The New York Times. Food stylist: Su Lee. Prop stylist: Megan Hedgepath.

In Hong Kong, you can find wonton soup in high-end restaurants. It is also commonly served casually as a quick meal, as in Chinatowns worldwide. Its ubiquity may be why it is often not done during the special Chinese New Year feast, also known as Lunar New Year, which takes place this year on January 22nd and ushers in the Year of the Rabbit.

Wontons are an everyday home-cooked meal, so I think they're perfect for New Year's parties. They are so closely intertwined with Hong Kong and Cantonese cuisine that they can make up for the loss of home for immigrants like my parents. It's a connection...and for anyone who loves wontons (right?), making wontons from scratch is just as much fun as eating them.

The sweet and sour sauce adds a tangy spiciness to the crunchy wontons. Linda Xiao, New York Times. Food stylist: Su Lee. Prop stylist: Megan Hedgepath.

The appearance of wontons during Chinese New Year is nothing new. According to award-winning cookbook author and culinary historian Grace Young, wontons were traditionally eaten on holidays because they symbolize wealth due to their resemblance to gold nuggets. It's the same reason other dumplings are a holiday staple.

Also, not all wontons are Cantonese style. Northern China has a thicker-skinned version, while southwestern Sichuan has spicy wontons. 

Making wontons from scratch is as easy as mixing fillings and stuffing them into wrappers. Linda Shao.

Shrimp brings juiciness to the filling and is usually associated with minced meat or shredded fatty pork. I can't go," he said. Shrimp sold in seafood markets in Hong Kong and other waterfront areas offer this level of freshness but are otherwise difficult to find. I use my mother's trick of salting the cooked shrimp and then letting it sit for a bit. The faint sweetness also stands out.

The characteristic of Cantonese cuisine is to bring out the original taste of the ingredients. Therefore, it is a simple seasoning with a little sauce, green onions, and ginger. Some cooks add diced freshwater chestnuts for added crunchiness, and rehydrated dried shiitake mushrooms or wood ear mushrooms for chewing.

Pre-made square wrappers, sometimes labeled "Hong Kong style", can be found in many supermarkets and work well, but if they aren't available, to prepare the dough from scratch, you'll need a pantry. Cantonese wontons have thin skin, so the filling looks nice. Unlike thick dumpling skins made with just flour and water, the inclusion of the egg results in a richer, more supple dough that can be rolled into a very flat sheet. (Rolling by hand requires more muscle and patience.)

Wonton can be wrapped in any way as long as the ingredients are completely wrapped. During the Chinese New Year, dumplings shaped like ancient gold bars represent the promise of wealth. Linda Xiao. Food stylist: Su Lee. Prop stylist: Megan Hedgepath.

You can pick up an unlimited number of commercially available skins and skins created from scratch. The clean creases of the ingot are perfect for fried wontons, and the loose creases are perfect for soup wontons. Pleate the corners of the wrapping paper over the marble padding and pour the rest of the fabric over the edges, like the train on a wedding tastes like a slip. , looks and tastes great. If you serve long, chewy wonton noodles in a bowl, you can expect a complete meal and New Year's Eve.

The 'dessert' in Cantonese cuisine is fresh fruit. Mandarin oranges are served during Chinese New Year. Because its name is synonymous with gold in Cantonese and symbolizes prosperity. It is also often served with candied nuts and seeds. But to follow the simple, traditional wonton, here's a simple twist on the tradition... sesame shortbread.

A nutty, fragrant, crunchy cookie made with ground black sesame and baked in butter dough. Linda Xiao. Food stylist: Su Lee. Prop stylist: Megan Hedgepath.

Cookies may not be a holiday tradition, but they represent the ever-changing nature of Hong Kong food. I am here. A cuisine open to experimentation and creativity. Non-crumbly and not too sweet, these modern treats capture the spirit of holiday renewal and reset with something new.

Born in the Year of the Tiger, Mr. Young was quite enthusiastic, but I think he was lucky. There's no better way than to create beloved classics and brand-new dishes.