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Saturday, October 21, 2023

On new tour, Madonna shows She never takes it easy


Madonna performed at Maluma's 'Medallion in the Map' in Medellin, Colombia in 2022. Fredy Builes/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Madonna has once again infiltrated her pop into her cultural sphere. The 64-year-old singer has announced her 12th world tour, touring 40 cities through her 40-year hit "Celebration." A five-minute black and white video of her shows her hosting a dinner party with various celebrities and her friends, which was getting the attention she was hoping for.

She and Jack Black, Lil Wayne, Judd Apatow and Amy Schumer imitate "Truth or Truth" (get it?) and "Sex" (get it?) among other guests. increase. under. , sings along to "La Isla Bonita" and otherwise stirs up a vortex that easily references Madonna's shocking moment before her big announcement.

To coincide with the news, Madonna also created the cover for her third issue of "Vanity Fair" (Italian, Spanish and French), in which she dressed as the Virgin Mary and wore a black and white lace veil. I was. She is bloody and bleeding. Have. In magazines, she appears in her "Last Supper" reenactment.

At the same time, her fury incarnate, Piers Morgan, is armed with her as expected, as she shows off her own body and sticks it back in our faces. do you think so? her vulgar joke. her plastic surgery. Her unique, forbidden age-defying self?

Indeed, she has always been bold and that is her truth. Dancing, OK Songs, Documentaries, Sexy Housewives from Dolce & Gabbana, Power C.E.O. to Versace. Just because she's reached Social Security age, why is it different?

Madonna briefly lived as a landlord in England, but she wouldn't greet that goodnight sweetly (because she was saved as a hippie earth mother on another cover of "Vanity Fair"). (It was after her period in the Marilyn Monroe era). Ever since she began dancing on the New York club scene in a ripped lace petticoat, a crucifix and fingerless gloves sticking out of her belly, she has always danced between the absurd and self-praise. Even when she falls like the 2015 Brit did at her awards, she falls with enthusiasm and without apology. She's less of a train wreck than a train that destroys a suffocating stagnation of politeness.

Madonna performs during the 'MDNA' tour at Madison Square Garden in New York City on November 12, 2012. Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Imagine what that would bring. Expect Like a Virgin, Vogue, Ray of Light, and more. Corn bra. simulated sex. Sweaty youth harem. Maybe a guest star or two and a joke surprise plot is smooth. Rise from hell, descent from heaven. A fashionable costume that incorporates bondage and exposure. Campy historicism and religion. His kit is full of Madonna and Caboodles.

As usual, her timing is perfect. Naked Her dresses are making a comeback because they are worn not to please the onlooker (male), but to promote female empowerment in the skin, much like the indie days of the Sleez era. get. A 70-year-old rookie and she is 50. The president is 80 years old. May his Mr. Mask and other "mature" models grace the cover. At 79, Mick Jagger is still flying around in flashy pants. Madonna, by comparison, is almost middle-aged.

Also, when she holds a gun, something happens. Through her comings and goings, she is elevated to national treasure. It happened to Queen Elizabeth II. That happened to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. France's editorial head of content, Vanity Hafea, says that after her four decades of activity in pop culture, Madonna has become "divine and disturbing." Olivier of Bouchard said in a news release:

At this point, she has nothing but gratitude. It's probably no coincidence that most of the guests at the launch party were comedians. The show probably will too. And most of all worth celebrating.