Polar bear kills woman and boy in remote Alaskan village A polar bear has been shot dead in a small Welsh village in western Alaska. - Liberty

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Polar bear kills woman and boy in remote Alaskan village A polar bear has been shot dead in a small Welsh village in western Alaska.


Polar bears are expected in parts of Alaska, but the animals rarely attack humans. Brian Battel/Geological Survey by U. Associate Press

On Tuesday, a polar bear killed a woman and her one-year-old son after chasing "multiple residents" in a remote village in western Alaska.

The attack occurred near a school in a remote village in Wales, Alaska, at the western tip of the Seward Peninsula, which juts into the Bering Sea toward Russia. According to the Census Bureau, Wales has about 170 people, most of whom are IƱupiaks.

An Alaska State Police spokesman identified the victims as her 24-year-old Summer her music and her son Clyde her Ontworth her Luke, 1. He said

Alaska State Police said in a statement that a resident shot and killed a polar bear when it attacked the pair.

McDaniel said Alaska State Police had been alerted to the attack by phone. Troopers attempted to travel to Wales, but bad weather prevented it, he said. I am continuing my efforts toward flight.

Attacks on humans are extremely rare, but according to the Wildlife Society bulletin board, polar bears are more likely to attack humans if they are "nutritionally stressed" or "below average in physical condition," and during the 1870s 73 polar bear attacks were found. 2014 took place in her five countries with territories bordering the Arctic Ocean (United States, Norway, Canada, Russia, and Denmark). Verified. These countries created treaties to limit hunting and protect polar bears half a century ago. Twenty people were killed and 63 injured in the attack.

Since 2000, 88% of polar bear attacks have occurred between July and December months, which includes the warmest months of the year when sea ice shrinks.

Polar bears are designated as an endangered species under the Endangered Species Protection Act. This means that sea ice is declining, and because they depend on it for hunting, feeding, and locomotion, they are likely to be endangered. He warned that they could be nearly extinct by the end of the century.

Polar bears are a common sight in Wales. He is one of 15 polar bear hunting villages that are part of Alaska's Nannut Joint Governing Council, an association representing the tribes that have traditionally hunted polar bears. Council directs federal management of polar bears

The council's executive director, Joseph Jessup McDermott, told the Anchorage Daily News that Wales does not have polar bear patrols "due to a lack of government funding" unlike other parts of Alaska where polar bears are common. said he did not do He said he didn't go He said he didn't go

There have been several polar bear attacks in Alaska. In 1990, at Point Hers His Lay, about 300 miles north of Wales, a 28-year-old man was killed by a polar bear while walking early in the morning with his girlfriend and her friend. In 1993, the 55-year-old mechanic survived a polar bear attack on his point on the Air Force's radar, Orikutok his hiss, about 700 miles north of Anchorage.

Polar bears in captivity also attack and kill people. In 1987, at Prospect's Park Zoo in Brooklyn, two polar bears killed an 11-year-old boy who sneaked into a bear enclosure. In 1982, a polar bear pushed a man into a cage at the Central Park Zoo and killed him.